Mandala pendants!

In collaboration with Australian jewellery label Sit & Wonder, Lara has designed these unique double-sided mandala pendant necklaces - made from 9k gold and sterling silver.

On the one side is a six-petalled lotus flower, a representation of the sacral chakra ‘Svadhisthana’. This chakra governs our relationship to our female sexuality, our sensuality, our emotional intelligence and intuition. it is located at our womb centre and is the seat of feminine creative potential.

On the other side of the pendant is a symbolic reference to the thousand-petalled lotus flower of the crown chakra, ‘Sahasrara’. This chakra, located just above the crown of the head, is our portal and connection to Mother Nature and the Divine. It is the meeting point between finite (the body and the ego) with infinite (the universe and soul).

Together these symbols can help us connect to the unbroken lineage of sisters, mothers and grandmothers that have come before us, helping to guide our path and navigate through the patriarchy into the new age of female emancipation and empowerment.

$5 from each sale of this collection will be donated to One Girl, a non-profit organisation seeking to eliminate gender inequality through harnessing the power of education to drive change for girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Prices start from AU$124 - head HERE to purchase