It would be such a privilege to be invited into your living room to share the practice…

There are several ways we can move and breathe together across the ether:


This project continues to bring me so much JOY!

Classic Flow Yoga is your private, portable, all-levels yoga class and classical music concert rolled into one bliss-making podcast.

In collaboration with the ABC, Lara has created a series of yoga & meditation sequences to help unravel pent up tension in the muscles and the mind…

In each episode celebrated Australian musicians perform an intimate concert, each bespoke playlist carefully curated so the music fits snugly alongside the practice, resulting in a deeply immersive, sensory experience.

Head here to listen online, or download the FREE podcasts from iTunes.

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And now, recently launched are my online classes on ~ an inspired platform based in Sweden, with a mission to share high-quality yoga & meditation content with the global community.

When I was in Stockholm earlier this year, I filmed a series of my favourite feel-good flows, and I’d so SO love for you to try them out and let me know what you think!

Yogobe has given me a special code for share with youuuu, so you can get a whole month of practice for free. Just enter my unique campaign code when logging on, which is, would you believe it is:


(Please note, there is no binding period, and no entering of any CC details at all. Of course, you can choose to sign up after 30 days, if you’re loving the content and feel to keep practicing…

What you’ll find up there on the ether are a series of my 5 foundational sequences ~ “Embodying the Flow” ~ an initiation into the dance of living vinyasa - where breath becomes the leader and the body follows and a profound rhythmic experience of ecstatic unbroken flow can be revealed.

Each practice focuses on a different family of asana, breaking down the key actions of postures within the sequence, to set the foundation for your practice so you can start to feel freedom within the form.

The 6th class is my signature sweat, Body as Nature: Bones, Skin & Stardust masterclass. I hope you’ll enjoy. Of course on the platform you’ll also find 100’s of other amazing, inspiring teachers sharing their wisdom on movement, meditation, breathwork and more ~ including my dear friends, Gwyn Williams, Luke Bache and of course my Back2Roots co-pilot Brooke Elliston.

Gratitude for these ways of connecting across the seas.

With love,