Upcoming Events

Movement, Breath & Melody

26th & 27th October - BodyMindLife, Sydney

Join Lara and Benny for two workshops journeying through the senses. Yoga accompanied by the soaring live soundscape of voice and guitar. 

Friday night will be all slow-motion simmering and yin-full surrender, whilst Saturday will be a high-vibe vinyasa class waking up to the symphony alive inside of us.


Cellular Slow Dancing
with Benny Holloway

16th November, Warrior One, Melbourne

Our body is our home, our vehicle of experience, the medium through which we know this world. To inhabit places with integrity, we first need to learn to inhabit our body - to tune it, to play it as if it were a finely treasured instrument.


back2roots retreat: Byron bay

8-11th November, 2019

In true Back2Roots style, you can expect four days of adventuring from the outside-in, surrounded by the most breathtaking natural beauty.

We will focus on accessing meditative states and healing through movement and music. Favouring long, slow and juicy to honour the need for time, space and deep listening, to cultivate the most intimate communications with self and life.

Lara and Brooke’s poetic workshops are sure to take you on a deep journey, diving into parts of your being yearning to be reached and reflected on. The pair believe the more you feel a sense of ease on the inside, the more reality shifts around you to reflect the miraculous gift of living, breathing, and being until even the most ordinary moments become extraordinary. Accompanied by live music by Benny Holloway.


Wanderlust 108!

Brisbane ~20th October

Melbourne ~ 17th November

Join Lara and hundreds of other like-minded hearts and humans for a day of health and happiness. The mindful triathlon is a 5km walk/skip/run, followed by a yoga class and a mass meditation.

Lara and Benny will be running workshops throughout the day of how to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate via yin yoga, breath work and of course supported by Benny’s soothing sounds.

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22-25th November, 2019

A celebration of yoga, music and dance!

大阪でダンス・音楽・ヨガの融合 昨年大好評だった 大阪スピリットフェスティバル がパワーアップして帰ってくる!予約受付開始!!

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29-30th December, 2019

Full Body Listening workshop

Through a deliciously deep yin yoga flow paired with a transcendental live soundscape of voice and guitar, you are invited to savour the texture of every sensation as a gateway towards meditation.