In the ancient Hindu language of sanskrit, Yoga equates to 'union'.
Union between body, mind and spirit.
Union between physical, emotional and energetic bodies.
Union between the Basic Self (subconscious), the Conscious Self (ego) and the Higher Self (spirit).

Lara has been exploring these concepts as student and teacher for over 13 years. In her own practice, the process of moving through shapes in space, whilst focusing attention on breath and sensation, has been a profound tool for healing and cultivating harmomy in both body and mind.

Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Prana = life force
Vinyasa = evolution, wave or cycle
Flow = the state of unified consciousness

Lara has become known for her fluid and dynamic teaching style, delivered with heartfelt poetic prose, inviting students to savour the texture of every sensation and the flavour of every breath as a portal into revelation and dynamic moving meditation.

A class with Lara is raw, playful and powerful as we journey from the outside in. Inspired deeply by the teachings inherent in nature, each practice is a call for conscious connection with ourselves and the world around us, liberating creative life force and finding freedom in every cell.


The way Lara guide’s practice allows me to quiet my intellectual mind and tune into the wisdom of my body, to which I too seldom pay enough attention. She have this gorgeous way of weaving together a sequence that leaves me feeling so alive, invigorated, and entirely used up at the same time. Not only do I walk away fully blissed out, I bring with me a sense of curiosity about where I can find hidden moments like this throughout my day and week.
— Rob Martell, Regional Manager, lululumon athletica