About Lara

Immersed in dance and art as a child, Lara has a long-standing passion for creative expression through the body and was first introduced to yoga at age 16. Since then, she has sought out opportunities to study with senior teachers across the globe – from her first 200hr training in 2010 at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in India before eventually finding and falling in love with the fluid style of Prana Vinyasa and training closely under the guidance of vinyasa trailblazer Shiva Rea.

However for many years, Lara’s full-time profession has been in the world of magazines. She held senior editorial positions at delicious., MasterChef and Good Taste magazines to name a few. Her passions for design, cooking and writing made food and health publishing the perfect fit. This meant mornings, nights and weekends she would don her hat made of lycra to teach and study yoga.

After several years operating as a double agent in the worlds of both yoga and publishing, with two demanding careers running simultaneously, she was forced to re-evaluate her priorities when her health was severely put on the line. At the start of 2015 she bid farewell to the corporate full-time world to pledge her way forward to peace and health for body and mind.

Lara’s personal journey has therefore been one of profound transformation, with yoga and art providing the keystones in her quest towards wholistic wellbeing during her long-time skirmish battling post-traumatic stress symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Lara feels incredibly privileged to be able share these learnings with her students, particularly her passion for meditation and healing through movement and creativity.

Lara is co-founder of Back2Roots Retreats - hosting transformative retreats around Australia and abroad, an assistant to global movement alchemist Shiva Rea, an ambassador for lululemon athletica, a headlining presenter at Wanderlust Festivals Australia/New Zealand, a contributing editor to delicious. magazine. and a prolific artist.

Recently she has been involved in making a podcast series in collaboration with the ABC, Classic Flow: Yoga and Classical Music, which is now available to download for free on iTunes.

Lara is one of the most extraordinary women I have met. She has a vitality that saturates every space she walks into, every object she touches, and every person she comes into contact with. Her absolute devotion to the practice of yoga, as both teacher and student, is a privilege to be part of. I feel incredibly honoured to have been a witness to her journey, to watch her step into her power as an inspiring leader in our community.”
— Noelle Connolly, Head of Yoga at BodyMindLife


Lara’s love for movement may only be rivalled by her keen eye for design. From an early age she was painting, drawing, carving, sculpting and creating, with a particular affinity for the medium of clay.

When moving on from her full-time career in magazines, she finally found time to satiate her passion for ceramics and throwing pottery on the wheel. In fact Lara draws many parallels between the practices of yoga, meditation and working with clay – click here to read the blog post.

She has always been fascinated by the Hindu and Buddhist symbolism of the ‘mandala’, which represents wholeness: a cosmic diagram organised around a unifying centre. Each one of her mandala-designed ceramics is completely unique, no two are alike. She sits in front of the clay canvass with her only tool being a sharp piece of bamboo and she gives her hand free reign. Click here if you would like to view more of her work. Each functional work of art is a reminder of our relation to infinity.

I believe creativity in all it’s forms is a gateway towards meditation and an invitation into revelation. My advice? Your own reasons to make art are reason enough - create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t even have to be beautiful.
Creativity itself doesn’t care about the results - the only thing it craves is the process.